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Indie Physics Battles with Engient

I founded Engient with my business partner in 2009. After exploring several prototypes we decided to pursue Rigonauts a game of building and battles, physics, and fire power. In this game, players snap together rickety battleships and send them into combat against a series of enemies. Each battle is hands-off. Players are required to pre-plan the best battleship design and order of attack.

With such a small team I wore many hats: creative director, producer, programmer, and business manager. I was the lead game designer for the game, planning all aspects: systems, levels, and UI. I also implemented features and tools in C/C++, Python, and JavaScript. In my producer capacity, I led our art, music, and level outsourcers ensuring everybody knew what they needed to do (and got paid).

New in this role was my work in business development. I was able to negotiate seed funding of $220K to start Engient. With help from our agency, we presented Rigonauts to several prospective partners. Ultimately we struck a deal to deal showcase Qualcomm’s hardware by building an Android version specific to their chip in exchange for full funding.

Rigonauts was recognized by Activision as part of their Independent Games Competition.

Rigonauts: Inner_about
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